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At the 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting  held in July, over a thousand mathematicians and computational scientists gathered from all over the world in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to discuss the state of the art in a variety of disciplines in the mathematical sciences through invited presentations, prize lectures, minisymposia, and contributed papers and posters. The Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering–held jointly with the Annual Meeting–focused on research and practice in financial mathematics, computation, and engineering, fostering collaborations among mathematical scientists, statisticians, computer scientists, computational scientists, and researchers and practitioners in finance and economics, with the goal of encouraging the use of mathematical and computational tools in quantitative finance in the public and private sectors.

Presentation slides with synchronized audio for selected sessions from both the Annual (AN12) and the Financial Mathematics (FM12) meetings are now available on SIAM Presents.  View and listen to interesting talks in a wide range of areas— from modeling of ocean dynamics, image processing, the math behind movie special effects, analysis of systemic risk, and stochastic control in finance to issues in mathematical publishing today.

In addition to the invited and prize lectures and select minisymposia, the tutorial on “Mathematical Modeling of Interest Rates: Challenges and New Directions” is also available.

You can go to direct links to view presentations from AN12 and FM12.

Visit the SIAM Presents page to view presentations and slides from more SIAM conferences.

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