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Tell us why math matters and win a cash prize!

Every time you log into Facebook, you probably notice advertisements along the sidebar that seem surprising relevant to your interests. Much like the algorithms Facebook implements for advertisers to target and reach the broadest range of users, math makes it possible to determine a team’s ranking in college football, predict traffic patterns, and reduce the large, cumbersome size of an image to a workable and smaller JPEG file.

As a SIAM student member, this surely comes as no surprise to you, but what about the rest of the world? SIAM’s Math Matters, Apply It! series gives students like yourself the chance to educate others and spread awareness of the application of mathematics to our daily lives.

SIAM invites you to submit new ideas for the Math Matters series, which demonstrates the role of mathematics in everyday events and occurrences — your idea will benefit the community and you could win a cash prize of up to $250!

All SIAM student members are eligible, so check out examples of current Math Matters flyers and send us one or more submissions of your own to by December 14.

Please view the complete instructions prior to sending your submission.

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