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SIAM Student Chapters to present research at CSE15

For the past 12 years, SIAM student chapters have been invited to send representatives to the SIAM Annual Meeting as part of Student Days to present their research in special minisymposia sessions organized by SIAM Education Committee. Since there is no SIAM annual meeting in 2015 in support of ICIAM 2015 in Beijing, chapters have been invited to send representatives to the 2015 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE15) in March, in Salt Lake City to participate in Student Days.

The student chapter presentations at CSE15, organized by SIAM’s Vice President for Education Rachel Levy of Harvey Mudd College, will be on Sunday, March 15, 2015 in Room 254C as follows:


9:10 AM – 10:50 AM SIAM Student Chapter Presentations

  • System Architecture for a Cooperative Fleet of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Stacey Joseph-Ellison, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA
  • Affirmative Actions in Education Creating Division and Inefficiency Among Beneficiary Groups in India, Aprant Ajay, Delhi Techinical University, India
  • Interfacial Motion by Mean Curvature in Liquid Crystals, Amy Spicer, University of Bath, UK
  • Theory and Computation for Bilinear Quadratures, Christopher A. Wong, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Survival Probability of Beneficial Mutations in Bacteria, Anna Zhu, Western University Canada, Canada
  • On Strategic Defense in Stochastic Networks, Ryan White, Florida Institute of Technology, USA


1:30 PM – 3:10 PM SIAM Student Chapter Presentations

  • Sublinear Preconditioners for the 2D Helmholtz Equation, Leonardo Zepeda-Núñez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Solving the Heat Equation with Wavelets, Anne Reinarz, University of Reading, UK
  • Analysis of a Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for Poroelasticity, Paul Delgado, University of Texas at El Paso, USA
  • Experimental Analysis of the Performance of GeoClaw, AnuGA and SurfWB-UC Numerical Models for the Simulation of Tsunami Inundation Phenomena, José Galaz, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
  • Stabilization in Relation to Wavenumber in HDG Methods, Nicole Olivares, Portland State University, USA
  • Incompressible Flow and (Stabilised) Mixed Finite Element Methods on Highly Stretched Meshes, Andreas Wachtel, University of Strathclyde, UK


Other activities that will enhance the meeting for students include a special orientation prior to Friday’s welcome reception, a career panel and full day career fair featuring non-academic employers on Saturday, professional development sessions and reception Saturday evening, a student lounge, sessions on Undergraduate Research on Monday, poster blitz and posters sessions on Monday and Tuesday, and a session for students with selected conference invited speakers on Tuesday. For more information on Student Days, go to

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Outstanding undergrad research in SIURO last month

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, SIAM’s web-based publication often referred to as SIURO, publishes outstanding undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics. Two types of articles can be found in SIURO: papers to which undergraduates have made a significant contribution, and expository (survey) papers of high quality written by a faculty member or researcher for an undergrad audience.

The latest paper by Ling Han Meng, Joseph Geumlek, Holly Chu, Justin Hoogenstyrd under their advisor Ernie Esser is called Contextual Point Matching for Video Stabilization. The paper explores the many videos that suffer from a shaking or moving camera that distract viewers from the subject or scene. The authors describe a process called video stabilization which uses software to fix unwanted movements. Their method attempts to find point correspondences in subsequent frames of footage with great success, according to the authors. Video stabilization not only provides better results compared to other methods, it can also be implemented without significantly increasing computational costs. 

Additional papers will be posted online as they are accepted.

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Summer 2014 Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

From SIAM News, Volume 47, Number 1, January/February 2014

Undergraduates who are looking for summer research opportunities are encouraged to visit the National Science Foundation’s “Search for an REU Site” Web page at and click on the “Mathematical Sciences” link. Students can also find research opportunities in the mathematical sciences that have been identified by SIAM News press time, funded both by NSF and by other institutions, listed below.

***Argonne National Laboratory Student Research Participation Programs, May 27-August 1

***Argonne National Laboratory DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships, May 27-August 1

***Arizona State University Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute Summer Program, June 4-July 25

***Auburn University, TBA

***Boise State University, May 26-August 1

***Brigham Young University, TBA

***California State University, Chico, TBA

***California State University, San Bernadino, June 30-August 22

***Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates, June 22-July 20

***Carnegie Mellon University 2011 Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute, May 27-July 22

***Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, June 3-August 9

***College of William and Mary, June 2-July 25

***Cornell University, June 16-August 8

***Department of Homeland Security STEM Summer Internships, May 5-August 29

***East Tennessee State University, TBA

***Emory University, June-July, TBA

***Fairfield University, June 2-July 25

***George Mason University, TBA

***Grand Valley State University, June 15-August 10

***Hope College, June 2-July 25

***ICERM: Summer@ICERM: Geometry and Dynamics, June 16-August 8

***Illinois State University, TBA

***Indiana University Bloomington, June 8-August 2

***Iowa State University, TBA

***Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, June 22-August 22

***James Madison University, June 2-July 25

***Kansas State University, May 27-July 22

***Kent State University, TBA

***Lafayette College, June 1-July 26

***LA-SiGMA REU:  Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Materials Science, end of May 2014-early August; program dates vary by university

***Louisiana State University, on sabbatical in 2014

***LSU Center for Computation and Technology, May 26-August 1

***Macalester College and IMA, June 9-July 18

***Marquette University, TBA

***Mathematical Association of America NREUP, TBA

***Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Summer Program, June 21-August 3

***Miami University (Ohio), June 9-July 25

***Michigan State University, May 28-July 25

***Missouri State University, June 9-August 1

***Mount Holyoke College, TBA

***NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, May 19­-August 1

***North Carolina State University, May 27-August 1

***Oakland University, TBA

***Ohio State University Mathematical Biosciences Institute, June 2-August 15

***Ohio Wesleyan University, May 19-July 25

***Oregon State University, June 23-August 15

***Penn State University, July 2-August 13

***Rice University Summer Institute of Statistics, TBA

***Rochester Institute of Technology, TBA

***Rutgers University, DIMACS, June 2-August 2

***Rutgers University DIMACS/DIMATIA, TBA

***Sam Houston State University, TBA

***San Diego State University, June 15-August 9

***Santa Fe Institute, June 8-August 16

***South Dakota State University, June 2-July 26

***SUNY Potsdam/Clarkson University, May 28-July 22

***Texas A&M University, June 2-July 25

***UCLA Logic Center Summer School for Undergraduates, TBA

***University of California, Santa Barbara, June 23-August 15

***University of Maryland, Baltimore County, June 16-August 8

***University of Minnesota, June 16-August 8

***University of Minnesota Duluth, June 8-August 14

***University of Nebraska, Lincoln, TBA

***University of North Carolina, Greensboro, June 2-July 26

***University of Texas at Tyler, TBA

***University of Utah, TBA

***University of Washington, TBA

***University of Wisconsin Stout, June 1-July 26

***University of Wyoming, TBA

***Ursinus College, TBA

***Valparaiso University, May 28-July 30

***Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech, TBA

***Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), TBA

***Willamette University, June 16-August 8

***Williams College, June 16-August 15

***WPI Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics, May 28-July 25

Information about REUs in 2014 can be sent to


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Mathematical Biosciences Institute Undergraduate Research Program: Capstone Conference

This conference offers undergraduate students doing research projects in the mathematical biosciences an opportunity to present their work on the national stage.

This student centered conference features:

• Recruitment fair for graduate studies

• Panels on jobs and graduate opportunities

• Keynotes from prominent Math Biologist

• Social event at the Columbus Zoo/Aquarium

Deadline for application: July 12, 2013

For more information and to apply, please visit

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Recipients named for the Seventh Annual SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition

SIAM Student Chapter certificates of recognition have been awarded to 73 students who have made outstanding contributions to their SIAM student chapters. This program recognizes the importance of student contributions in creating and sustaining exciting chapters, acknowledges students’ efforts within the greater SIAM community, and provides a noteworthy commendation for students to add to their records for career building.

Chris Rowlatt, president of the Cardiff University SIAM Student Chapter, awarded the SIAM certificate of recogntion for outstanding service to the Cardiff chapter.

Chris Rowlatt, president of the Cardiff University SIAM Student Chapter, awarded the SIAM certificate of recogntion for outstanding service to the Cardiff chapter.

SIAM congratulates all of the recipients and thanks them for their contributions to the development and growth of SIAM student chapters. Read the rest of this entry »

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RTG Summer School on Microlocal Analysis and Inverse Problems

This is a paid announcement that appeared in SIAM News.

July 8–26, 2013
University of Washington, Seattle
The Research Training Group in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington will host a summer school on solving inverse problems via microlocal analysis, aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduates who have the required background. Students will attend lectures in the morning and problem sessions in small groups with mentors in the afternoon. On-campus accommodation and meals will be provided, plus a travel allowance of up to $600. The Summer School is supported by an NSF Research Training Grant. Support is restricted to U.S. citizens/permanent residents; international students can be considered but will have to pay all their own expenses.

The course will be taught by Mark Anastasio, Guillaume Bal, Francois Monard, Plamen Stefanov, and Gunther Uhlmann.

Prospective attendees can visit the website for a full course description and prerequisites.


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5th Annual Computational Science and Engineering Student Conference

[Courtesy of the Purdue University SIAM Student Chapter]
We are proud to announce the 5th Annual Computational Science and Engineering Student Conference (CSESC 2013) organized by SIAM@Purdue. The conference will be held on April 5th, 2013. We invite both graduate and undergraduate students to participate.
The conference includes keynote speakers from different areas (view full list here), students’ oral presentations and a poster session, as well as a closing banquet for presenters.
CSESC provides a space for networking with other students and researchers who perform research in interdisciplinary areas involving computational research.
The best oral presentation and the best poster presented will be monetarily awarded by the committee.
Online registration is NOW OPEN! Please, check the CSESC 2013 website for important dates and more information.
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Summer 2013 Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Undergraduates who are looking for summer research opportunities are encouraged to visit the National Science Foundation’s “Search for an REU Site” Web page at and click on the “Mathematical Sciences” link. Students can also find research opportunities in the mathematical sciences that have been identified by SIAM News press time, funded both by NSF and by other institutions, listed below. Read the rest of this entry »

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MBI 2013 Undergraduate Research Program at Ohio State

May 20 – August 16, 2013

The goal of this MBI NSF-funded program is to introduce students to exciting new areas of mathematical biology, to involve them in collaborative research with their peers and faculty mentors, and to increase their interest in mathematical biology. The program consists of three parts – each including a mix of educational and social experiences:

The on-line registration form will require:

  • Two letters of reference
  • A ranked list of three projects that you want to participate in (see below)
  • A statement indicating your reasons for wanting to participate in this program

***To receive full consideration, completed applications must be received by January 31, 2013.***

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The Brown University Symposium for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences: Strategy, Competition and Cooperation

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Faculty Speakers:
Alethea Barbaro, UCLA
Glenn Ellison, MIT
Andrew Lo, MIT
Rajiv Vohra, Brown University

Attendance is free and open to all
Registration is required

Now accepting applications for short talks and posters from undergraduates
Please visit for more information

SUMS is sponsored by: The Brown University Math Department, The Brown University Division
of Applied Mathematics, and ICERM

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