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Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

This is a paid announcement that appeared in SIAM News.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, located on the University of Minnesota campus, recently announced the following upcoming programs and opportunities:

2013–2014 Thematic Program: The IMA will soon launch its new annual Thematic Program, to run from September 2013 to June 2014. The theme—Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology—will gather researchers from topology, computational geometry, networking, statistics, biology, and other fields to address methods for qualitative analysis and recognition problems in contemporary contexts, including data (finite metric spaces as samples from experiments, surveys, or sensors), networks (Internet traffic, gene regulation, coordinated robotics, communications), and dynamics (systems equipped with only finite resolution or those that are stochastic). The six workshops planned for the year are designed to be truly interdisciplinary. More information about this year’s workshops and the thematic program are available online at

Call for Proposals: Hot Topics Workshops. The IMA’s Hot Topics Workshops cover rapidly developing areas of interests, focusing on a specific problem or area of exceptional contemporary significance. These workshops are often cosponsored by a participating institution, corporation, government funding agency, or an NSF-focused research group. More information on submitting a workshop proposal is available online at

New Directions Research Professorships: Applications are invited for New Directions Research Professorships, which provide an extraordinary opportunity for established mathematicians—typically mid-career faculty at U.S. universities—to branch into new directions and increase the impact of their research by spending an academic year immersed in the thematic program at the IMA, where they learn new mathematics and applications, connect their research with important problems, and establish new contacts and collaborations. Applications for professorships during the 2013–2014 (Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology) and 2014–2015 (Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications) thematic programs are still being accepted. Readers can visit for more information as well as an online application.

New Directions Short Course: Applied Statistics and Machine Learning. From June 17 to 28, 2013, the IMA will hold its New Directions Short Course, titled “Applied Statistics and Machine Learning.” Applications are now being accepted for the two-week course, organized by Bin Yu (University of California, Berkeley) and David Madigan (Columbia University); the course will introduce participants to a broad array of modern statistical concepts and techniques, with a focus on critical thinking and practical data analysis. The statistical software R will be used extensively and students are expected to have at least rudimentary knowledge of R prior to the course. The course will cover exploratory data analysis (visualization, dimension reduction, clustering), statistical modeling (linear models, generalized linear models, logistic regression, graphical models), and statistical computation (Monte Carlo, Markov chain Monte Carlo, convex optimization). The course will also cover regularized and large-scale modeling techniques.

More information and an online application are available at The deadline for applications is April 15, 2013.

IMA workshop and short course

The IMA workshop “Mathematics and the Materials Genome Initiative” will take place September 12-15, 2012.  The goal of the workshop is to inform the mathematical sciences community about research opportunities in MGI and the funding opportunities at NSF under MGI.  The workshop will consist of research presentations, panel discussions, and information sessions.  NSF is planning to send 2 representatives to the workshop. More information about the workshop is available here. Please apply on line for participation.  Funding to attend the workshop is still available.

The IMA will conduct a short course on “Mean Field Games” on November 12-13, 2012.  Yves Achdou, Pierre Cardaliaguet, and Pierre-Louis Lions will be the main lecturers for the course, which will include talks on current research. Online applications are being accepted. More information is available on the IMA site.

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications Call for Nominations: Board of Governors

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications ( is accepting nominations for its Board of Governors. The board is the IMA’s principal governing body, consisting of 15 distinguished members from academia, industry, and national laboratories. The board provides oversight and advice on matters of institute management, development, and institutional relationships. Board members play an active scientific role in planning and developing annual program themes as well as identifying lead program organizers. The board meets for two days annually, and subcommittees meet several times annually via conference call. Members will serve a five-year term, beginning January 1, 2013.

Further details and an online application are available at

Applications are due July 31, 2012. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee.

For further information, readers should contact: Fadil Santosa, director of the IMA,