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Mathematics and biology: a video from ICIAM 2011

Watch a video from ICIAM 2011, which gives an overview of mathematical modeling in biological and ecological processes, human and animal dynamics, and animal interactions with the environment. Professors Maeve McCarthy, Benoit Perthame, Gerda de Vries and several other speakers at the Congress spoke on many aspects of this broad and intriguing topic.

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ICIAM video: math modeling in disease dynamics

At ICIAM 2011, speakers from varying backgrounds, including Professors Patrick Nelson, Kerry Landman, and Avner Friedman, and graduate student Irina Kareva, outlined the many aspects of mathematical modeling in disease progression and dynamics, emphasizing the connections between mathematics and medical science.

Watch a video that highlights the applications of math modeling in diabetes, cancer and wound healing:

You can also read about Avner Friedman’s other research—on math modeling for cancer treatments here.

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Image and shape analysis with computational science: ICIAM 2011 video

At ICIAM 2011, Professor Ron Kimmel of Technion Israel Institute of Technology spoke about the detection and measurement of human physical and biological traits with the help of electronic devices, and on how this field of biometrics has implications in various fields such as forensic science, medical imaging, robotics and gaming.

Watch a video of his interview!

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Mathematically modeling road traffic and crowd dynamics: ICIAM 2011 video

Watch a video from ICIAM 2011, which gives an overview of various aspects of mathematical modeling in road traffic, crowd dynamics, animal groups, and animal movement. Professors Benedetto Piccoli, Gerda de Vries, and Chris Budd featured here were among several speakers at the Congress who spoke on this broad and intriguing topic.

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ICIAM 2011 video: Modelica, a programming language for math modeling

Watch a video from ICIAM 2011 where Dr. Peter Fritzson from Linköping University, Sweden, spoke about Modelica, a strongly typed, declarative, equation-based, object-oriented programming language for mathematical modeling and simulation of complex systems.

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Why present a poster at a meeting?

Watch this video on tips, advice and benefits of presenting research posters at conferences. Attendees at ICIAM 2011 spoke with us about the benefits of presenting posters at professional and academic conferences, and about how poster sessions enable one to interact and network with other attendees, providing a more casual setting to learn about research in varied areas in the field:

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Oil Spills and Math: ICIAM 2011 video

What do oil spills have to do with math? At ICIAM 2011, Professor Andrea Bertozzi of UCLA spoke about the mathematical modeling of oil spill cleanups, based on the dynamics of particulates like sand in viscous fluids such as oil, and complex processes involving settling dynamics and dynamics of the fluid. Watch a video of highlights from her talkParticle Laden Viscous Fluids and the Gulf of Mexico Oilspill and a brief Q&A with the speaker:

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Watch an overview video of ICIAM 2011

Missed ICIAM 2011–or just want to reminisce? Watch a 5-minute overview video of the Congress, where mathematical scientists from around the world gathered to discuss the most recent advances in the discipline, demonstrating their applicability to science, engineering and industry, and emphasizing industrial applications and computational science in new and emerging areas.

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Math In and Out of the Zoo: a video from ICIAM 2011

At ICIAM 2011, Professor Chris Budd of the University of Bath presented a public lecture on the mathematics of the zoo, which was designed to engage mathematicians and entertain youngsters alike.Titled Math In and Out of the Zoo, the lecture covered everything from the math that goes behind artificial incubation of penguin eggs and managing temperatures in aquariums to organization of animals in social groups such as shoals and flocks, and crowd dynamics in humans.

Watch highlights from the talk as well as an interview with Dr. Budd:

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Wrapping up ICIAM 2011

Last month, the 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2011) unfolded in Vancouver, British Columbia, with over 2,700 attendees from 70 countries worldwide participating in scientific discussion on a wide range of topics that covered everything from cancer modeling to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Set in the beautiful Convention Center in downtown Vancouver, math had to compete with gorgeous views of the Rockies and the serene waters of the Pacific, but going by the packed lecture halls, busy networking areas, and animated discussions over coffee breaks, it seemed to win out in the end.

Views from Vancouver Convention Center, home of ICIAM 2011

As SIAM Executive Director Jim Crowley explained in an interview with the Philadelphia-based NewsWorks (National Public Radio’s local news affiliate), the Congress spotlighted the significance of mathematics in addressing real-world problems like disease epidemics and climate change. Over 500 minisymposia, nearly 300 posters and more than 700 lectures covered the role of math in a wide range of areas, such as public health, energy efficiency, and the economic crisis, in addition to presenting the latest tools and technologies at the forefront of the field, such as programming languages for math modeling and cutting-edge methods in high performance computing. Read the rest of this entry »

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