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Math, computational science & green buildings: a video from AN10

Buildings consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy, significantly more than either the transportation or industrial sectors. Any comprehensive plan to reduce atmospheric carbon must include actions to reduce energy consumption in the building sector. At SIAM’s Annual Meeting, Dr. Clas Jacobson of United Technologies Research Center spoke about the current understanding of the options available to reduce energy use in buildings and highlighted the role of mathematics and particularly computational science in delivering low energy buildings to the market in cost-effective ways. Watch a video of our interview with him along with clips from his presentation:

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Computational biology in pharmaceutical clinical studies: a video from LS10

Alex Bangs of Entelos, Inc., in his talk, “From Targets to Populations to Individuals,” at the SIAM Conference on Life Sciences held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in July 2010 alongside the SIAM Annual Meeting, described new technologies that are being developed to combat the high failure rate of pharmaceutical clinical studies. Watch an interview with Mr. Bangs along with an overview of his presentation:

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Funding for math & computational science research: AN10 video

Representatives from various funding agencies discussed recent trends and future plans for funding research in computational and applied mathematics at the Funding Agencies Panel at SIAM’s Annual Meeting in July 2010. Watch an overview of the panel:

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Video from AN10: Geometry & music

What could be a better medium to communicate math to the public than the universal language of music? Watch a video of Dr. Dmitri Tymoczko making the connection between geometry and music with help from multimedia graphics and compositions by Chopin, Mozart and Schubert at the SIAM Annual Meeting in 2010:

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Watch an overview video on SIAM AN10

Watch an overview of SIAM Annual Meeting in 2010, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

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