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Summer grad program at the IMA

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is holding a summer grad program this July.

The program, entitled, “Flow, Geometric Motion, Deformation and Mass Transport in Physiological Processes”¬†will expose graduate students to the fundamentals of mathematical and computational studies in mechanisms that underlie physiological and materials processes, including the motion of biomembranes, solid-fluid interaction, and the morphogenesis of growing tissues. These processes play a key role in cell biology and biological physics. Understanding how to model, analyze, and simulate the basic elements of physiological processes from the molecular to the one-cell to the multi-cell level can possibly pave the way to improving drug design.

The program will also familiarize students with basic tools and techniques from the theory and numerical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations and the associated free-boundary problems, kinetic theory, and solid and fluid mechanics. The list of invited speakers includes experts in applied and numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, computational mathematics, and experimental science. The program will provide lectures, tutorials, and hands-on lab demonstrations by senior and junior researchers.

Please see full details on the IMA website here.

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