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SIAM Unwrapped October 2013

News & announcements for the SIAM membership community

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Dear SIAM members,

Can you nominate a SIAM Fellow? Help SIAM honor members for their distinguished contributions to the disciplines served by SIAM as well as make outstanding members more competitive for awards and leadership positions in broader society.

Inducted Fellows for the Class of 2014 will be recognized at the SIAM Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago next July. Each current (non-student) SIAM member may make up to two nominations per year.

Nominations close November 4! To find more information and make a nomination, visit:


Karthika Muthukumaraswamy



This issue of SIAM Unwrapped brought to you with the support of: 




–          Unwrapped is accepting sponsors!

–          STEM festival activities: Ideas needed!

–          Math models for panoramic photography


–          Stay with SIAM—and bring your friends!


–          Online networking in scientific communities

–          View photos from SIAM conferences

–          Join the SIAM Network Science mailing list


–          Student chapters put SIAM funds to good use

–          Visit the SIAM Job Board


–          Students save with SIAM’s Adoption Discount

–          Google Play availability has expanded!

–          New SIAM Books

–  Nonlinear Control Under Nonconstant Delays


–          Apply for a travel grant to ICM 2014

–          Conferences accepting registrations and submissions

–          Open calls for prize nominations and submissions

–          AMCS conferences and events




Unwrapped is accepting sponsors!

There are many ways to reach SIAM members.  One way is to sponsor Unwrapped. Are you doing stuff relevant to the SIAM community? Is your university offering a new program? Did you recently publish a book? Is there a conference or workshop that SIAM members should be attending? Unwrapped is a great place to spread the word.

Rate and deadlines can be viewed here:

Please contact with questions.

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STEM festival activities: Ideas needed!

We know that many of our members spend a large part of their professional lives illustrating the applications of math and computational science. Do you have a hands-on demonstration or interactive activity that could do the same at a festival booth? Does it have a “wow” factor?  Are the materials involved easily transportable or re-usable for multiple festivals? SIAM is making efforts to participate in local and national STEM festivals directly or in concert with other organizations like the Museum of Math. We need help and ideas to demonstrate cool applications and to illustrate the value of math and computational science in our lives. Success comes with engaging attendees, who may be of all ages and ability levels.

Next festival: USA Science & Engineering Festival, Washington DC, April 2014

Reward for activity descriptions selected for use: $500*(descriptions must be thorough and include cost data). Send your description to Peter Turner ( or Michelle Montgomery (, by November 15 for first consideration. We will likely continue to solicit ideas.

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Math models for panoramic photography

The latest Nugget from SIAM deals with a situation many of us encounter almost daily: how do I capture this scenic view (or elaborate feast or exciting football game) with my handy camera phone? The view from the camera lens is often much smaller than the view from our own eyes. The Nugget, based on a paper published in the SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, describes an algorithm for creating panoramic images by image stitching, a process that combines two or more photographs and seamlessly blends the overlapping regions into one picture. Read it at the link below and go find that great scenery to capture!

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Stay with SIAM—and bring your friends!

Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2014. Need to be reminded of why you should stay with SIAM? View the 2014 renewal brochure!

And while you’re at it, why not bring your friends and colleagues along? If you want to refer someone to join SIAM, now is the time. If the newly-referred member joins SIAM, both new and referring members will be entered into our Member-Get-a-Member contest to win an iPad and other great prizes. You will also receive a special ∈SIAM t-shirt for your recruitment efforts.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues who join SIAM for 2014 to enter the code, “MGAM14” at checkout to receive the rest of 2013 free. What are you waiting for? Refer your colleague now:

Nonstudent members may also nominate up to two students per year for free student membership, and unemployed members may be eligible for a discounted membership.

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Online networking in scientific communities

Scientists are increasingly using social media, as well as blogging and microblogging platforms to form new contacts and collaborations, share ideas, gain insights, communicate research, generate discussion, and inspire future scientists and engineers. SIAM members spoke with us and shared their insights and experiences on how online networks as well as blogging tools can be used professionally.

Watch the brief video!
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View photos from SIAM conferences

Do you want to view photos from recent SIAM meetings? Visit our SIAM Facebook page! Albums from recent SIAM conferences are posted there.

Go to the link below to view albums. You do not need to log in to Facebook to view photos.

You may also get to a specific album by visiting the conference website and clicking on the “Facebook Photos” link. Feel free to add details on photos by posting comments. For the sake of privacy, please do not tag anyone other than yourself.
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Join the SIAM Network Science mailing list

The SIAM Network Science mailing list was born of SIAM’s first workshop on network science, which took place during the SIAM Annual Meeting in July. Network science is the organized knowledge of networks that examines the interconnections among various physical and engineered networks, biological networks, cognitive and semantic networks, and information and social networks. The list aims to help communication within SIAM’s network science community. Those interested may join the list by sending an email to You may post to this list by emailing to Please feel free to pass this information along to interested colleagues. You can also sign up for the list and view the archives by visiting

The second workshop on network science will be co-located with the 2014 SIAM Annual Meeting in Chicago, July 6-7. For further information, please contact Ali Pinar at

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Student chapters put SIAM funds to good use

There were science festivals, elementary school outreach events, cakes, and football games. The 2012-13 academic year saw a lot of exciting activities organized by SIAM student chapters worldwide. In addition to a graduate student round table, a tutorial series and a Mathworks workshop, there were lectures on the math behind society and its dysfunctions, customers and supply chains as well as probabilistic models in seismology and neuroscience. The University of Bath went with a lighter theme:  a bake-off–with math-themed cakes, of course. While the event was light-hearted, the goal was anything but. The event raised over £100 for Comic Relief, a charity that fights poverty. The year saw the first annual Chicago Area SIAM Student Conference as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences chapter’s first annual meeting. SIAM provided over $39,500 to 85 chapters to support these and other activities. To read a full recap of what student chapters were up to this academic year, visit:

Read blog posts from SIAM chapters detailing their events and activities: chapter participants ran the gamut from the NCAA Bracket Challenge to visits to IBM and Argonne:

Want to blog about what your own chapter is up to? E-mail your post to
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Visit the SIAM Job Board

In the job market? The SIAM Job Board may be a good place to start (or end!) your search.

The SIAM Careers page is a great resource not only for job seekers (early career and experienced), but can also provide professional development advice, insights on career paths in the mathematical sciences, suggestions for acquiring internships, and tips from seasoned professionals. The Job Board has the most current job listings in this specialized niche. You can upload, edit and manage your resumé online. Those interested can sign up for alerts and announcements and set up a personal account by going to the link below:

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Students save with SIAM’s Adoption Discount

Professors using SIAM books in their classrooms can offer students significant discounts on SIAM textbooks. SIAM’s Textbook Adoption Discount Program offers 20% off list price for any SIAM textbook adopted as a primary text in an undergraduate or graduate-level course. The discount can be used by all students enrolled in the course and is available only on books ordered directly from SIAM. Professors should request the discount prior to the start of a semester by contacting Elizabeth Greenspan ( or Sara Murphy ( SIAM student members  are entitled to a full 30% member discount off the list price on book purchases at all times.
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Google Play availability has expanded!

The availability of SIAM e-books on Google Play has expanded.  Check if your country is on the list at Titles are available through popular e-book platforms, including Apple™ and Android™ devices; Nook™; and Sony® eReader as well as most tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers. To purchase, visit and search for your desired title.
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New SIAM Books

Nonlinear Control Under Nonconstant Delays

Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis and Miroslav Krstic

The authors have developed a methodology for control of nonlinear systems in the presence of long delays, with large and rapid variation in the actuation or sensing path, or in the presence of long delays affecting the internal state of a system. In addition to control synthesis, they introduce tools to quantify the performance and the robustness properties of the designs provided in the book. Readers will find the book useful because due to the elegant and systematic treatments of long-standing problems in delay systems, such as systems with state-dependent delays that arise in many applications. In addition, the authors give all control designs by explicit formulae, making the book especially useful for engineers who have faced delay-related challenges and are concerned with actual implementations. All control designs are accompanied with Lyapunov-based analysis for establishing stability and performance guarantees.
Additional information:

2013 / xii + 300 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978-1-611973-17-4
List Price $99.00 / SIAM Member Price $69.30 / Order Code DC25
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Apply for a travel grant to ICM 2014

The American Mathematical Society has applied to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for travel funding for mathematicians currently affiliated with U.S. institutions to attend the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2014), to be held August 13-21, 2014, in Seoul, Korea.

View more details at
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Conferences accepting registrations and submissions

Many of the conferences listed below are accepting applications for student travel awards and early-career travel awards. Please apply for these grants by going to the individual conference pages linked below, and click on “Travel Support” on the right sidebar.

SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing 2014 (PP14), February 18-21, 2014, Portland, Oregon, USA

PP14 promises to be an exciting meeting. The list of plenary speakers includes Chris Johnson of the University of Utah and William Blake, the Chief Technology Officer of Cray, among many other stellar speakers. These two speakers demonstrate the range of topics to be covered at PP14, from algorithms, software and tools, and large-scale parallel applications, to evolving parallel systems and the implication of hardware advances for scientific computing. Registration for PP14 will open in November at

SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling (GD/SPM13), November 11-14, 2013, Denver, Colorado, USA

Pre-registration deadline: Monday, October 14, 2013 (Today!)

SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PD13) December 7-10, 2013, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

Pre-registration deadline: Monday, November 6, 2013

SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM14), April 24-26, 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Travel award application deadline: January 22, 2014

SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (IS14), May 12-14, 2014, Hong Kong

Deadline for submission of abstracts for minisymposia and contributed speakers: October 30, 2013

SIAM travel award application deadline: October 30, 2013

Conference organizers travel award deadline: October 30, 2013

Apply at:

SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP14), May 19-22, 2014, San Diego, California, USA

Deadline for submission of minisymposia proposals: October 21, 2013

Deadline for submission of abstracts for minisymposia and contributed speakers: November 18, 2013

Travel award application deadline: November 4, 2013

SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics (DM14), June 16-19, 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Deadline for submission of minisymposia proposals: January 8, 2014

Deadline for submission of abstracts for minisymposia and contributed speakers: February 11, 2014

Travel award application deadline: February 7, 2014

2014 SIAM Annual Meeting (AN14), July 7-11, 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Deadline for submission of minisymposia proposals: January 6, 2014

Deadline for submission of abstracts for minisymposia and contributed speakers: January 27, 2014

Student travel award application deadline: January 20, 2014


SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing (CSC14), July 21-23, 2014, Lyon, France

Deadline for abstract submission: February 15, 2014

Student and early-career travel award application deadline: March 21, 2014

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Open calls for prize nominations and submissions

For the following prizes, nominations are due October 15, 2013 (Tomorrow!):

Julian Cole Lecture

Theodore von Kármán Prize

Richard C. DiPrima Prize

George Pólya Prize

W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize

2014 John von Neumann Lecture

Other prizes approaching nomination deadlines:

AWM-SIAM Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture Deadline: November 1, 2013

Martin Kruskal Lecture Deadline: November 30, 2013

For the complete list of the call for nominations, please visit:

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AMCS conferences and events

Second Joint International Meeting of the Israel Mathematical Union and the American Mathematical Society, June 16-19, 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel

Eighth Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of SIAM , December 18-19, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

Annual Meeting of the UK & Republic of Ireland SIAM Section January 9, 2014, London, United Kingdom

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