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SIAM Responds to Call for Information on StatSNSF

At the request of the MPS Advisory Committee to SIAM and the other societies in mathematical sciences (including statistics), SIAM put out a call to US-based SIAM members seeking comments related to support data science, including several specific questions that had been formulated by the committee.

The SIAM responses were summarized in a cover letter, which was sent along with the complete responses to the MPSAC where they will become part of the formal record of the committee. The summary, written by Past President Doug Arnold, concludes that:

“The most persistent theme is an emphasis on the highly interdisciplinary nature of data science. Several responses suggest offering grants that require the formation of teams involving mathematicians, statisticians, computational scientists, biologists, etc. Several emphasize the importance of better integration of computing and statistics. Various conclusions concerning the support of data science at NSF are drawn from this….”

The cover letter and full report may be found here.

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