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SIAM reports on Modeling across the Curriculum

In August 2012, SIAM conducted an NSF-funded workshop on “Modeling across the Curriculum,” with the aim of increasing math modeling in undergraduate curricula, developing STEM high school courses based on math, as well as assessing and improving college STEM readiness. The report from the workshop, which is now available, focuses on what SIAM and its membership can do in collaboration with other applied mathematicians and computational scientists, in addition to the use of existing and new NSF programs to help achieve improvements in STEM education.

The main actions recommended by the report include increasing math modeling in undergraduate and K-12 curricula by developing modeling and applied mathematics courses, identifying strong and successful approaches to modeling curriculum, developing content and teacher training material, engaging experts for mentoring, and building an awareness campaign for educators.

In addition, the report recommends developing a repository of materials for all levels of mathematical modeling instruction and understanding, including course lesson plans, articles, books, websites, videos, problems, and contests.

The complete discussion and conclusions from the workshop are available on the SIAM Reports page here:

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