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SIAM VT Chapter hosts SIAM Past President Nick Trefethen

Boris Kramer of the Virginia Tech SIAM chapter gives us a recap of the Past President’s visit to VT: 

The SIAM Student Chapter at Virginia Tech was excited to welcome Dr. Nick Trefethen, former SIAM president, to our campus in Blacksburg, VA. Dr. Trefethen was a guest of the College of Science’s Academy of Integrated Science. He gave the initial lecture in the distinguished lecture series associated with the Computational Modeling and Data Analytics initiative. Dr Trefethen also kindly agreed to give a special talk for the Virginia Tech SIAM Student Chapter, which was attended by both graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Trefethen talked about Chebfun, an extensive Matlab computing toolbox based on Chebyshev approximations of continuous functions. During the presentation, we were able to interactively try out various features of the toolbox on our laptops, which was very insightful and fun. Overall, this event successfully broadened our chapter’s visibility on campus and was a nice add-on to our regular biweekly speaker series.

SIAM Chapter at Virginia Tech hosts SIAM Past President Nick Trefethen


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