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Outstanding undergrad research in SIURO last month

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, SIAM’s web-based publication often referred to as SIURO, publishes outstanding undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics. Two types of articles can be found in SIURO: papers to which undergraduates have made a significant contribution, and expository (survey) papers of high quality written by a faculty member or researcher for an undergrad audience.

The latest paper by Ling Han Meng, Joseph Geumlek, Holly Chu, Justin Hoogenstyrd under their advisor Ernie Esser is called Contextual Point Matching for Video Stabilization. The paper explores the many videos that suffer from a shaking or moving camera that distract viewers from the subject or scene. The authors describe a process called video stabilization which uses software to fix unwanted movements. Their method attempts to find point correspondences in subsequent frames of footage with great success, according to the authors. Video stabilization not only provides better results compared to other methods, it can also be implemented without significantly increasing computational costs. 

Additional papers will be posted online as they are accepted.

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