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New NSF Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Program

Last week, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released a solicitation for a new program within the cross-foundational Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) initiative.  Supported by all seven NSF directorates and two offices, the program will fund projects that allow creative interdisciplinary partnerships to address computer and information science challenges that are associated with sustainability.  The goal is to “advance interdisciplinary research in which the science and engineering of sustainability are enabled by new advances in computing, and where computational innovation is grounded in the context of sustainability problems.”

Areas of sustainability that depend in some way on advances in computation can be addressed through the CyberSEES program.  SRC will also provide funding for proposals that address the computational aspects of “smart infrastructure,” particularly the smart electric grid.  Proposals funded by NSF will receive funding through a typical NSF grant, while funding from SRC will be provided through a contract.

Letters of Intent:  Letters of intent are required and due December 4, 2012 and the first Tuesday in December annually.

Due Dates:  Full proposals are due February 5, 2013 and the first Tuesday in February annually.

Total Funding and Award Size:  NSF anticipates making 12 to 20 awards for a total program budget of $12 million, contingent upon final appropriations from Congress.  Proposals are sought at two different levels:

This information is courtesy of the NSF website. Please find complete details here. More information about SEES can be found here.

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