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M3 Challenge: Behind the scenes

 Learn more about Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, the high-school math modeling contest organized by SIAM, the history and inspiration behind the Challenge, and how the contest fulfills a SIAM goal to raise awareness of and enthusiasm about applied mathematics and computational science.

Michelle Montgomery, Project Director of the M3 Challenge, spoke to Sol Lederman of Wild About Math about all that and more, including the philanthropic motivations of The Moody’s Foundation in partnering with SIAM to sponsor the contest, and their shared objective to increase the pipeline of engineers and computational scientists.

Kathleen Fowler, mathematics professor at Clarkson University who co-authored the 2013 problem with Quinnipiac University’s Karen Bliss, spoke about the process of problem development for the Challenge and how she was inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to focus this year’s problem on plastic pollution and recycling.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

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