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INGenIOuS project to think strategically about future mathematics and statistics professionals

The increasingly complex scientific and social problems faced by the nation demand innovative solutions and require a workforce that is trained to meet these challenges. To best position mathematics and statistics departments and students to meet 21st century needs, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the American Statistical Association (ASA), in partnership with the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians (SIAM), are bringing together thought leaders to develop strategies for future investments in training at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The INGenIOuS project (Investing in the Next Generation through Innovative and Outstanding Strategies), will establish a community of stakeholders from academic institutions, professional societies, government agencies, and industry.  The INGenIOuS project is funded by the National Science Foundation and will be facilitated in collaboration with a team from Knowinnovation.

The organizers invite their colleagues, industry partners and students to join the growing online community and help address six key challenge areas.

  1. Job placement, led by Aarti Shah and Suzanne Weekes, explores best practices for connecting mathematics and statistics students to jobs in all sectors.
  2. Internships, led by Robert Starbuck and Angela Shiflet, considers ways to foster internships for students at all levels.
  3. Recruitment and retention, led by Judy Walker and William Vélez, asks what will help make the mathematical sciences a vibrant choice for a broad segment of the population (including the issue of broadening participation of women and minorities).
  4. Technology & MOOCs, led by Deborah Nolan and Robert Ghrist, investigates the expanding role of technology and its uses across STEM fields.
  5. Measurement and evaluation, led by Peter Turner, looks at mechanisms to assess the efficacy and return on investment of successful and sustainable training activities.
  6. Documentation and dissemination, led by Claudia Neuhauser, discusses capturing and communicating effective training practices.

This initiative will involve a series of online activities, including live virtual panels and forum discussions, and will culminate in the publication of six whitepapers and a facilitated 3-day workshop at the ASA headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area this July.  The workshop will give participants the opportunity to distill lessons learned, exchange ideas about ways forward, strategize about future investments, and design potential projects for the advancement of this effort. In addition, the project will make exemplary prototype initiatives visible to the broader mathematics and statistics communities and propose metrics that demonstrate the value of such initiatives in order to (1) broaden adoption of effective practices to improve student recruitment, retention, degree completion, and job placement, and (2) ensure that successful practices are sustained beyond initial implementation.

To join the community and apply for the workshop, visit  Additional details about the online activities and workshop are posted on the website.

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