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SIAM Annual Meeting: Experience of an AMAT Undergraduate

Barrett Leslie, Illinois Tech chapter representative for AN14

Barrett Leslie, Illinois Tech chapter representative for AN14

Hello, my name is Barrett Leslie, and I am in the final year of the Illinois Tech undergraduate AMAT program. I was chosen to be this year’s chapter representative for AN14, and I got to experience an activity-packed week, some of which I’d like to share with you.

The week started for me on Monday morning at the mini-symposium MS9 Student Days: Undergraduate Sessions, where I got to give my first ever talk at a conference. (You can find out more about my research here). The rest of the day was spent going to a variety of talks, learning the lay of the land, and meeting new people. That evening I attended a reception for the NSF Mathematical Sciences Institutes, where I got to meet the directors of the various institutes. One director inquired what topic I would like to pursue in graduate school, then gave me personal advice as to what talks to attend (more about that later). Read the rest of this entry »
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