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Thinking of Writing a Book?

Ever thought about writing a book? Ever wondered just what that entails? A session at the 2015 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering will bring together successful authors and publishing staff to discuss the process. Topics of interest will include:

• Why and when you should consider writing a book

• A step-by-step description of the process, from initial idea to published book

• How to choose a publisher Read the rest of this entry »

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Attend the career fair at the SIAM CS&E conference!

Are you attending the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE15) in Salt Lake City in March? Then you may be interested in the CSE15 career fair sessions being held there on Saturday, March 14.

If you plan to attend the fair, please submit your resume if possible, so it can be provided in advance to the participating employers.

The career fair is an interactive event at which you can speak with employers about working in various industries. It is a great opportunity for you to meet government and industry representatives to discuss what they look for in candidates and what each employer may have to offer. The event is held primarily for graduate students and recent graduates, but job-seekers of all levels are encouraged to attend.

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NSF-SIAM Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Materials Science at CSE15

The 2015 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE15) will host a one-day Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Materials Science.  The symposium is sponsored jointly by the National Science Foundation and SIAM.  CSE15 will be held in Salt Lake City, and the symposium is scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2015. Ten leading researchers from the materials science and mathematical sciences communities will give their perspective on areas of research where mathematicians and materials scientists can find exciting opportunities for significant collaboration. A panel session is part of the symposium, where the directors of the NSF divisions for Mathematical Sciences (DMS) and Materials Research (DMR) will describe existing mechanisms for funding collaborations. Details can be found on the symposium web site



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Travel Awards deadline for ICIAM15 extended

The deadline for applications for travel awards to attend ICIAM 2015 is fast approaching. Due to the extension of the ICIAM15 minisymposium acceptance notification to December 15, the SIAM travel awards deadline has been extended to January 9, 2015. There’s less than a month left. Apply now!

To submit an application, go to Read the terms of the grants and follow the instructions.

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UC- Berkeley graduate student Jasmine Nirody on mechanistic models of bacterial movement

How do bacteria move? Can we turn to math and physics for answers? Jasmine Nirody, a graduate student at UC-Berkeley, has been fascinated with how organisms move since she was a little kid. Now she is using that passion to study how tiny organisms like bacteria move despite the large frictional and viscous forces acting against them in their environments. Using principles from applied mathematics and theoretical biophysics, Nirody is studying how flagellar forces help bacteria move via mechanistic models of the bacterial flagellar motor.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Computing Community Consortium workshop on Uncertainty in Computation

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) “facilitates the development of a bold, multi-themed vision for computing research”, normally through its series workshops, each of which leads to a white paper. The CCC was formed by the Computing Research Association (CRA), of which SIAM is a member, through a cooperative agreement between the CRA and the National Science Foundation. The reports from the workshop are intended to inform the computing community and the NSF of research opportunities and challenges.

The workshop on Uncertainty in Computation attempted to define grand research challenges in understanding and communicating uncertainty inherent in computational processes. According to the workshop website, the presentations from the workshop can be found via links on the workshop agenda. A full workshop report will be produced soon.

SIAM, in cooperation with the American Statistical Association (ASA), holds a biennial conference on Uncertainty Quantification. SIAM’s Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification, along with ASA, organizes this conference.

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Richard C. DiPrima Prize goes to Thomas D. Trogdon

Philadelphia, PA—The 2014 Richard C. DiPrima Prize has been awarded to Thomas D. Trogdon of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.

The Richard C. DiPrima Prize is awarded to a junior scientist who has done outstanding research in applied mathematics (defined as those topics covered by SIAM journals) and who has completed his/her doctoral dissertation and all other requirements for his/her doctorate during the period running from three years prior to the award date to one year prior to the award date.  Selection is based on the candidates’ dissertations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Theodore von Kármán Prize awarded to Weinan E and Richard D. James

Philadelphia, PA—The Theodore von Kármán Prize, established in 1968, is awarded for a notable application of mathematics to mechanics and/or the engineering sciences made during the five to ten years preceding the award.  The award may be given either for a single notable achievement or for a collection of such achievements.

The 2014 Theodore von Kármán Prize is awarded to Weinan E and Richard D. James.

The 2014 award is given to Weinan E for his deep mathematical contributions to fundamental questions in physics ranging from the structure of matter to turbulence, to a rejuvenation of numerical analysis in the light of multiple scales, and for his eclectic and ingenious solutions in scientific computing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Arieh Iserles receives the SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession

Philadelphia, PA— Arieh Iserles, Professor in Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations at Cambridge University, is awarded the SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession for his outstanding editorial contributions to applied mathematics.

In 1992, Iserles founded Acta Numerica, an annual volume that publishes seminal review articles in numerical analysis and scientific computing, and has been editor of the volume ever since. Under his guidance and leadership, Acta Numerica has published authoritative articles that are widely read and highly cited, and it has continued to keep pace with rapidly evolving trends in research.  Iserles has also made major and long-standing editorial contributions to the Journal of Foundations of Computational Mathematics and the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis.  In all his editorial work, he acts with extraordinary dedication, wisdom and integrity. Read the rest of this entry »

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W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize goes to Alain Bensoussan

Philadelphia, PA—Alain Bensoussan of University of Texas at Dallas and City University of Hong Kong received the 2014 W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize in Mathematics at the SIAM Annual Meeting last month.

The Reid Prize was established by SIAM in 1993 to recognize outstanding work in, or other contributions to, the broadly defined areas of differential equations and control theory.  The prize, given annually since 2000, may be awarded either for a single notable achievement or a collection of such achievements.  The prize fund was endowed by the late Mrs. Idalia Reid to honor her husband. Read the rest of this entry »

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