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Video: Modeling storm surge to better protect Texas

The recent floods in Texas have caused some of the worst flooding since Hurricane Ike in 2008, causing the rainiest month in the state’s history.

What lessons have been learned from Ike’s devastation of the Galveston and Houston area, and how have they helped in the prediction of future such storms?

Researchers at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin have been studying computational models and simulations of hurricanes like Ike in order to predict the consequences of such natural disasters and better prepare the Texas Gulf Coast for their effects.

Environmental and coastal ocean engineering models yield complex systems that combine interdisciplinary techniques. Accurate and efficient simulation requires advanced tools in high performance scientific computing. Watch the video below, where Jennifer Proft of UT Austin discusses new ideas for the high resolution modeling of extreme weather such as hurricane storm surge and floods:

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Oncology, Machine Learning and Watson: SIAM Student Chapter visits IBM

Eric Eager, faculty advisor of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse SIAM Student Chapter, writes:

On April 10th I had the pleasure of leading a group of seven students from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse SIAM Student Chapter on a visit to IBM Rochester in Rochester, MN.  The group, which consists of many students who are graduate-school bound in pure mathematics, was very excited to see what doing mathematics was like in a non-academic setting.  Read the rest of this entry »

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SIAM Unwrapped May 2015

News & announcements for the SIAM membership community

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Dear SIAM members,

One of SIAM’s outreach projects, Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, a high-school math modeling contest, concluded its 10th year last month. Read about this year’s Champion team and the problem they tackled below.

Learn about other news relevant to the SIAM community, from discounted memberships in developing countries to a new a project aimed at providing better access to SIAM journals in the developing world. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anna Lieb is SIAM-sponsored AAAS Mass Media Fellow

Philadelphia, PA–One of SIAM’s goals is to raise public awareness of the significance of the mathematical sciences, and to foster better communication of research in the field. One way SIAM fulfills this goal is by supporting science communication projects, such as the AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship program.

This year, the SIAM-sponsored AAAS Mass Media Fellowship goes to Anna Lieb of the University of California, Berkeley. Lieb will conduct her Fellowship work at PBS’s NOVA. Read the rest of this entry »

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SIAM volunteers at Math Fest

Several dozen SIAM student and regular members volunteered at the National Math Festival, helping with over 20 Math Midway exhibits. SIAM members from Northern Virginia, as well as from as far as New York and Massachusetts were at the event, offering help and support.  Read the rest of this entry »

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In honor of Earth Day: Books exploring math & Earth

No better time than Earth Day to explore the role of mathematics in climate, environment, and Earth sciences. Visit to get these recent SIAM books especially suited for your Earth Day reading list: Mathematics and Climate, by Hans Engler and Hans Kaper; Mathematics of Planet Earth, by Hans Kaper and Christiane Rousseau; and Climate Modeling for Scientists and Engineers, by John B. Drake.


Also explore our brand new Activity Group: Mathematics of Planet Earth.

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Should a political party form a coalition? Using math to decide

nugget_iconPhiladelphia, PA–Mathematical ideas and tools are often used to describe aspects of large macroscopic systems. Examples abound in areas as varied as finance to psychology. In a paper published last month in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, author Fabio Bagarello proposes mathematical models to analyze political decision-making.  Using a dynamical approach which accounts for interactions between political parties and their constituents, the model tries to deduce whether parties should form coalitions under various circumstances.

“Mathematics is important in many aspects of social behavior. Politics is just one of these aspects, since
some of the typical behavior in politics can be characterized by suitable quantities which, usually, evolve in time,” says Bagarello. “In other words, political parties are examples of dynamical systems.” Read the rest of this entry »

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SIAM Unwrapped April 2015

News & announcements for the SIAM membership community

This issue of SIAM Unwrapped brought to you with partial support from:


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Dear SIAM members,

Have you watched this amazing overview of 32 math applications in 63 seconds? View it and share the video clip, “I use math for…” here.  How do you use math? Tweet us with hashtag #Iusemath

Did you know that SIAM offers discounted membership rates for members of other mathematical societies? SIAM has a reciprocity agreement with 13 societies: view the entire list. If you would like to change your membership to a “reciprocal” category, contact SIAM Customer Service at

Also, a reminder to all members (and especially students at this time of year): if you are moving or intend to move, please update your records at Read the rest of this entry »

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Pi Day 2015 at UMBC

On Friday, March 13, 2015, University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s SIAM Student Chapter, Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Student Association (MSGSA), and Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter co-hosted a special Pi Day Social.  The President of MSGSA gave students a brief history of Pi, presenting the chronology of attempts to approximate Pi. There was food, fun, and math-related games including Jeopardy Pi Day Edition,  Pi Day Sudoku, a pie tasting contest, and a Pi reciting contest where an undergraduate in mechanical engineering was able to recite 100 digits of Pi.  Special emphasis was placed on giving the opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students from mathematics, statistics, mechanical engineering, and computer science to network and socialize in an informal, friendly, and light-hearted math environment. The event had great turnout and was a fantastic success!

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SIAM names Class of 2015 Fellows

Philadelphia, PA—Each year, SIAM designates as Fellows of the society those who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of applied mathematics and computational science. This year, 31 members of the community have been selected for this distinction: Read the rest of this entry »

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