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A peek at G2S3 in Shanghai

The fourth Gene Golub SIAM Summer School wrapped up last week in Shanghai, China.

The topic of the two-week course, which was held at Shanghai’s Fudan University, was Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations.  Comprised of three mini-courses, the school introduced students to underlying theory, algorithms and applications of matrix functions and matrix equations, allowing succinct and insightful ways to formulate problems and express solutions. Uses of matrix functions and equations range from exponential integrators for the solution of partial differential equations to model reduction of dynamical systems.

SIAM Vice President at Large Nick Higham, one of the lecturers at the school,  has a great recap over at his blog, complete with details on school activities and exercises, descriptions of the campus, insights on student enthusiasm, as well as some great pictures, including those of resilient Chinese motorcyclists who can balance it all on two wheels.

Check out the post!

Also, read perspectives from a student participant: Graduate Student Sam Relton of University of Manchester has a nice overview of the school here.

The 2014 G2S3 will be held in Linz, Austria. Find more information on it here.

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