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SIAM Members Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting of SIAM members will be held on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at 6:15-7:15 PM in the Nicollet ABC room on Level 1 of the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis during the upcoming SIAM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Participation is open to all SIAM members. The meeting will be chaired by SIAM President Nick Trefethen and will include a review of SIAM activities, finances, and plans for the future. Refreshments will be served.

Barbara Keyfitz selected as AWM-SIAM Sonia Kovalevsky Lecturer

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) have selected Professor Barbara Keyfitz to deliver the prestigious Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture at the 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Charles Saltzer Professor of Mathematics at the Ohio State University, Professor Keyfitz will deliver her lecture, entitled “The Role of Characteristics in Conservation Laws,” on Monday, July 9 at 2:45 p.m.

Please find details on Dr. Keyfitz, her accomplishments, and reasons for recognition in the AWM press release here.

The Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture was established in 2002 to highlight significant contributions of women to applied or computational mathematics.

SIAM chapters to present research at 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting

Each year six student chapters are invited to send representatives to the SIAM Annual Meeting to participate in a special minisymposium session organized by SIAM Education Committee chair Peter Turner of Clarkson University.  This year two of the chapters invited to participate held competitions among their chapter members to select the person who would be sent to AN12 in Minneapolis to present their research. The chapter presentations during Student Days on Tuesday, July 10, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, (MS32) are listed below. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Data: White House R&D Initiative and a session at AN12

At a White House event led by the Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C. Thursday, NSF Director Subra Suresh detailed new Big Data solicitations, $10 million Expeditions in Computing award, and awards in cyberinfrastructure, geosciences, and training. He said these efforts will build on the NSF’s legacy in supporting the fundamental science and underlying infrastructure enabling the big data revolution. Heads from other federal science agencies—OSTP, NIH, DOE, DOD, DARPA and USGS—also outlined how their agencies are engaged in Big Data research.  They discussed cross-agency big data plans and announced new areas of research funding across various disciplines in the field. This was followed by a panel of thought leaders on the subject from academia and industry.

A detailed press release and a webcast of the event can be found on the NSF site.

In light of the importance of collecting and interpreting ever-growing amounts of data and its important role in scientific and technological progress, the SIAM Annual Meeting will also feature a panel on big data. The session, which is to take place on Monday July 9 from 6:15—7:15 p.m. will be open to the public. Find detailed information about the panel, including a list of speakers here.

The 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from July 9—13.

New Student Chapter Facebook Group

Representatives of the SIAM student chapters met at the 2010 SIAM Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh for a breakfast meeting with SIAM leaders and staff to ponder ideas and brainstorm strategies for raising awareness and impact. The interaction at the meeting was very good and many attendees requested that SIAM create an open forum for the chapters to share ideas throughout the year. As a result of the suggestion, SIAM formed a student chapters Facebook group. Information on how to join the Facebook group can be found at

George Pólya Prize awarded to Emmanuel Candès and Terence Tao

Professors Terence Tao and Emmanuel Candès with SIAM President Doug Arnold (L to R) at the Awards Luncheon. Photo credit: Bob Abramson

Professor Emmanuel Candès from Stanford University and Professor Terence Tao from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) were the 2010 recipients of the George Pólya Prize, which was awarded at the Prizes and Awards Luncheon at the SIAM Annual Meeting held July 12-16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The award recognizes their role in developing the theory of compressed sensing and matrix completion, which enables efficient reconstruction of sparse, high-dimensional data based on very few measurements. According to the selection committee, the algorithms and analysis are not only beautiful mathematics, worthy of study for their own sake, but they also lead to remarkable solutions of practical engineering problems.

Candès is Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Stanford University and the Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics at California Institute of Technology (on leave). He completed his PhD in 1998 under the supervision of Professor David Donoho at Stanford University. A past recipient of SIAM’s James H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, he serves on the editorial board of the SIAM Journal on Imaging Science.

Tao has been a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) since 1999 and was appointed to UCLA’s James and Carol Collins Chair in the College of Letters and Science in 2007. He completed his PhD under Professor Elias M. Stein at Princeton University in 1996. In August 2006, he won the prestigious Fields Medal, often touted as the “Nobel Prize in mathematics.”

George Pólya was one of the most influential mathematicians of the 20th century. Given every two years in honor of Pólya, this SIAM prize recognizes alternately a notable application of combinatorial theory and a notable contribution to one of the other areas in Pólya’s extensive repertoire: approximation theory, complex analysis, number theory, orthogonal polynomials, probability theory, and mathematical discovery and learning. First established in 1969, it was extended in scope in 1992 following a generous contribution from the estate of Stella V. Pólya. Candès and Tao received an engraved medal each and shared a cash award of $20,000.



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