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Archive for January 2013

Free online parallel computing course from XSEDE

Graduate and undergraduate students from all disciplines interested in using parallel computers efficiently and productively are invited to register for a FREE online course sponsored by the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), a project funded by the National Science Foundation.

The online course is an adaptation of the class, Applications of Parallel Computers, taught by Professor Jim Demmel at the University of California, Berkeley, in Spring 2012. Lecture materials, quizzes, and programming exercises will be rolled out weekly from February 14 to May 2. For more information on the topics covered in the course, visit this page.

As a prerequisite, students should have some programming experience in C or similar language. Enrollment is limited to the first 300 students and registration will close February 13. To enroll, please visit the XSEDE user portal page to create an account, then view the course-calendar to register for the Applications of Parallel Computers course. Registered students will receive accounts to access XSEDE computing resources and consulting help. Those who successfully complete all quizzes and programming assignments will receive an XSEDE certificate of completion.

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