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SIAM sessions at JMM 2012

For those attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, two special sessions involving the National Science Foundation may be of interest. Both sessions will be held on Friday, January 6, 2012 in Room 208 of the Hynes Convention Center.

From 2:30 to 4:00 pm:

Dr. Subra Suresh, Director of the NSF, will speak about the challenges he sees for federal support of research, opportunities, and new initiatives. This is an AMS Committee on Science Policy session. Read the rest of this entry »

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Daniel Hitchcock named DOE Associate Director of Advanced Scientific Computing Research

The Department of Energy has named Dr. Daniel Hitchcock as Associate Director of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) as of December 18, 2011. ASCR is home to applied mathematics and computer science as well as high performance computing. The announcement and a full bio are available on the DOE website.

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Summer 2012 Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Undergraduates who are looking for summer research opportunities are encouraged to visit the National Science Foundation’s “Search for an REU Site” Web page at and click on the “Mathematical Sciences” link. Students can also find research opportunities in the mathematical sciences, funded both by NSF and by other institutions, listed here. Read the rest of this entry »

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SIAM response to DMS name change

At the request of the MPS Advisory Committee, SIAM conducted a survey of its members concerning a possible name change of the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) at NSF. The results of that survey have been summarized and made available to the Advisory Committee and to NSF. The results of the survey are summarized here.

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Protecting confidential data with math

Statistical databases (SDBs) are collections of data that are used to gather and analyze information from a variety of sources. The data may be derived from sales transactions, customer files, voter registrations, medical records, employee rosters, product inventories, or other compilations of facts and figures.

Because database security requires multiple processes and controls, it presents huge security challenges to organizations. With the computerization of databases in healthcare, forensics, telecommunications, and other fields, ensuring this kind of security has become increasingly important.

In a paper published Thursday in the SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, authors Rudolf Ahlswede and Harout Aydinian analyze a security-control model for statistical databases. Read the rest of this entry »

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A note from ICIAM on the IMU-ICIAM Journal Rating Blog

In 2008, the IMU, IMS and ICIAM made public a study on the use of citations in assessing research quality, and in 2010 the IMU and ICIAM created a joint working group to study the more specific question of the reliability of journal rankings based on citations, and whether (and how) to develop a community-based ranking system.  The working group was composed of N. Joshi, D. N. Arnold, C. Hutchins, J. D. S. Jones, M. MacCallum, P. Michor, S. Mueller, and T. Tang.  The report is on the IMU’s Web page here. Read the rest of this entry »

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SIAM Unwrapped – December 2011

SIAM Unwrapped is a free electronic newsletter distributed monthly to SIAM members. It provides links to industry news, membership information, meetings, publications, and other items of interest.

Dear SIAM Members,

Do you know other mathematicians or scientists that could benefit from the value of a SIAM membership?  Encourage them to join today!

There are only a couple weeks left for your chance to win a free SIAM Membership, conference registration, or book through our Member Get a Member contest. If your friend or colleague joins by December 31 and enters your name as the ‘referring member,’ you and the new member will be entered for a chance to win prizes. Please e-mail with questions.  We look forward to seeing your network become a part of the larger SIAM community! Read the rest of this entry »

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Nominations Solicited for Blackwell-Tapia Prize

Nominations are solicited for the sixth Blackwell–Tapia Prize, which will be awarded at a conference to be held at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) on November 9–10, 2012.

Nominees should be active mathematical scientists who have (1) contributed and continue to contribute significantly to research in their fields of expertise; and (2) served as role models for mathematical scientists and students from underrepresented minority groups or contributed in other significant ways to addressing the problem of the underrepresentation of minorities in mathematics. Nominations should include a letter addressing both eligibility requirements, along with a CV of the nominee. Additional letters supporting the nomination can be included, but are not required. Nominations should be sent via e-mail to Robert Megginson at by February 12, 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

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NSF program in Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering

Breakthroughs in computational resources and digital datasets are revolutionizing scientific research, with the past three decades having seen advances of about nine orders of magnitude in computing capability, along with deep advances in computational algorithms. These developments are enabling computational and multiscale simulations of unprecedented breadth and accuracy, and simultaneous progress in digital data collection technology is resulting in enormous datasets being generated routinely by scientific experiments and observations of natural phenomena. Thus a a scientific revolution is unfolding in the scope, use, and production of data. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apply to the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School!

Interested in computational geosciences? Apply to the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School! Offering three mini-courses over two weeks, the school will introduce students to advanced simulation and computational techniques used for early warning, planning and data analysis in the event of natural hazards like storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. Courses are designed to complement regular university curricula and expose students to state-of-the-art topics on geoscientific problems presented by outstanding researchers in the field. There are no registration fees for accepted applicants and limited travel funds may be available. The school will take place July 29 – August 10, 2012 in Monterey, California. Deadline for applications is February 1, 2012.

Visit the 2012 G2S3 website for details. Further information including details on past schools can be found on the SIAM site here.

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