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National Medal of Science to Richard Tapia and Srinivasa Varadhan

SIAM is pleased to announce that two of our community’s members have been chosen to receive the National Medal of Science.

Richard A. Tapia of Rice University is being honored for his pioneering and fundamental contributions in optimization theory and numerical analysis, and Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan of New York University is being recognized for his work in probability theory, especially for contributions to large deviations from expected random behavior.

The National Medal of Science is one of the highest honors bestowed by the United States government on scientists, engineers, and inventors. Professor Tapia and Professor Varadhan are two of seven eminent researchers named by President Obama for this honor.

Please read the full press release on the White House website here.

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SIAM Chapter activities find math in everything from green buildings to golf

SIAM provided over $32,000 to 66 chapters to support  activities on campus during the 2010-2011 academic year. The activities that they planned were limited only by their imaginations. Here are some of the exciting activities that SIAM chapters sponsored over the last year.

Arizona State University chapter organized the Math Awareness Month Unraveling Complex Systems: Mathematical Biology Mini-Symposium. Topics varied from methods in mathematical/statistical modeling to challenges and novel approaches to modeling diseases like Dengue.

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SIAM Unwrapped – September 2011

SIAM Unwrapped is a free electronic newsletter distributed monthly to SIAM members. It provides links to industry news, membership information, meetings, publications, and other items of interest.

Dear SIAM members,

You already know of and enjoy the benefits of a SIAM membership. Now you can introduce others to the perks of being a member and win rewards in the process.

Invite a colleague to join SIAM. The first 100 individuals to refer a colleague who becomes a member will get a free SIAM t-shirt, and both you and your colleague will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.

For more details on the contest, go to Read the rest of this entry »

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Math In and Out of the Zoo: a video from ICIAM 2011

At ICIAM 2011, Professor Chris Budd of the University of Bath presented a public lecture on the mathematics of the zoo, which was designed to engage mathematicians and entertain youngsters alike.Titled Math In and Out of the Zoo, the lecture covered everything from the math that goes behind artificial incubation of penguin eggs and managing temperatures in aquariums to organization of animals in social groups such as shoals and flocks, and crowd dynamics in humans.

Watch highlights from the talk as well as an interview with Dr. Budd:

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IIT SIAM chapter organizing student conference in Chicago

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) SIAM chapter is sponsoring a conference (IIT SIAM 2011) in Chicago IL on October 29-30, 2011.  Conference themes are computational science and statistics and invited plenary speakers include  Jerry L. Bona  of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Charles K. Chui of Stanford University and University of Missouri-St. Louis,  and Wei B. Wu of the University of Chicago.

Senior PhD. students and postdocs are invited to present their research at the conference and both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in the poster session. There is no registration fee to attend the conference.  For more information, go to

For conference news go to Twitter (!/IITSIAM).

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