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High school students offer flood of ideas to counter Southwest drought

Florida’s Pine View School takes top prize in Moody’s Mega Math Challenge 2011

M3 Challenge 2011 Champions: Team members (L-R) Alex Kiefer, Jason Oettinger, Caroline Bowman, Anthony Grebe and Patrick Braga with SIAM Past President Margaret Wright (far left), Moody's Foundation's Fran Laserson (center) and their teacher-coach, Ann Hankison (far right)

The 14 hours they spent typing on laptops, poring over data sets, developing formulas, and writing computer programs to come up with a five-year picture of the prolonged drought in the arid American Southwest finally seemed worthy of the effort to at least 30 of the thousands of high school students who participated in Moody’s Mega Math (M3) Challenge 2011.

The elation was discernible in the collective beam of the five team members from Osprey, Florida’s Pine View School, as they took center stage, displaying their $20,000 prize check, at Moody’s Corporation headquarters late Thursday afternoon. The young men and woman emerged as the Champions of the 2011 Challenge, an Internet-based applied math contest, organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Read the rest of this entry »

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